About Innorvex

Building More Than Cases, Building Protection For Your Investment…

How Did We Evolve?

​​Funny you should ask…

While owning a company in an industry that requires several overhead crane systems, we felt the pain of our investment literally shattering… After going through several controls, we engineered a cover that would protect our remotes from accidents, lack of employee care and let’s just face it, an all-around heavy duty environment.

We have been covering our pendant controls for over 5 years with an amazing product! We have had great success with its protection from forklift hits, bumps, bangs, tantrums and just plain everyday wear and tear. This cover has saved us on downtime, OSHA regulation, and $$$. We already purchase covers for all of our other technical devices, why not our crane controls? It just seems practical. Controls, are computers in a sense and are not made to withstand what they actually go through in any given industry.

So, how did we get here? We built this cover for our own use and never intended to sell it until several sales and service contractors started asking where we found our cover. Their interest sparked our thoughts. There is absolutely nothing on the market like this! Sure, you can find plain jane bag covers that protect the control from dirt and debris but not the everyday bumping around. That’s where it hit us! If you have a crane system you need a bump-E!

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to help you protect your investment with the bump-E.

Rob Salesky